Wednesday, January 28, 2009

18 month check up

Addison now weighs 26.2 pounds and is 32 inches tall!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Daycare

Well, this week Addison has started a new daycare! It all started last month when Addison's old daycare called me and informed me that they were moving to Olla. Olla is another small down south of Columbia where John and I work. They told me that they tried everything to be able to stay in Columbia but they just found something bigger in Olla. Olla is only 13 miles away, but 13 miles in a lot when your driving 32 miles to work every morning. So anyways, we made the decision to go with a new daycare in Columbia. The last day at Addison's old daycare was a very sad one. Addison had bonded with all the nice ladies there. There were a lot of tears when we left that day.

So yesterday was her first day at the new place. I was so nervous about leaving Addison there with a bunch of people that she didn't know. When we walked in, Addison immediately noticed her friend Cooper from the other daycare and ran to him. The people were so nice and inviting. I left her there and she didn't even notice I was gone, which I guess is a good thing. Well, at lunch time, I went to go check on her. I walked in on nap time. I saw Addison sleeping on her big girl mat, like the kind you sleep on in Kindergarden. It was so cute. Ms. Billie, the owner, said Addison has been adjusting well. She had played so hard that she fell right to sleep. So anyways, then I went back to work.

John and I went to pick her up around 5 and she didn't want to leave. So I would say that she has adjusted very well!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A few Christmas Pictures

Just a few pictures! This Christmas we could have gotten Addison paper and boxes and she would have been just as happy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poor Sick Addison

Well this weekend was not a good one at all. This blog is pretty much filled with throw up so just be prepared. This is how is started...

My friend, Kelly has been staying with me, John, and Addison for the past couple of weeks. Well, Friday she wanted to watch Addison because she didn't want to be bored all day. Well, she called me around 9am after she woke up Addison and told me that she had thrown up in her crib. Sometimes when Addison coughs a lot, she throws up a little. I told Kelly to call me if it happened again. Well she calls me after Addison eats breakfast to tell me that she had thrown up again and she felt warm. I immediately went and talked to my boss to tell him the situation and he told me to go home and take care of my baby. I called the doctor and made an appointment to see him that day. When I got home, Kelly was holding Addison. I knew she felt bad because she hates being held. I went to pick her up and she threw up on me. I thought of it as her saying, "Welcome Home Mom!" Well, Kelly helped me clean her up then I took her to the doctor. Well, I guess every kid in Monroe was sick that day because it was so crowded! We finally got in to see the doctor. He pricked her finger and low and behold, she had the stomach virus. She got a shot and hated every bit of it. So after the doc we went home and she slept from 6pm to 8 am.

She felt a little better the next day which was Saturday. The doctor instructed me to just give her Pedialite and saltine crackers if she's hungry. So that's what I did. She did fine and looked like she was starting to feel better.

Then Sunday came around. She woke up in a great mood and ate some oatmeal, which was Mistake #1. We went out to eat for Sunday lunch. Addison didn't eat a single bite of anything. I just thought she was still full from breakfast. After going out to eat, we went to WalMart. Kelly, Addison, and I did our grocery shopping. While we were in the check out line, Addison's face turned pale white and she started throwing up. Good thing I was buying napkins because I used them to help clean Addison up. Well, we were about to pay for everything and she started vomitting again. So then, I got her out of the buggy and took her to the bathroom to clean her up and I let Kelly pay for everything. After, I was done cleaning up, I walked Addison and I to the car, and on the way to the car, Addison started throwing up again. So by now, I'm covered in it and so is she. Kelly got to the car and when we got everything loaded, we went home. Poor Addison fell right asleep as soon as the car started moving. We took things very slow for the rest of Sunday and Monday.

So today, Tuesday, rolls around. Addison woke up in a good mood again, just like Sunday morning and every other morning. John and I got her dressed and took her to daycare. I should have known that when I dropped her off that I would be seeing her again very soon. She screamed so loud! She never does this. She always wants to go play with the other kids. Well, around 10 o'clock this morning I get a call from the daycare saying that she is not eating and she has a 102 degree temperature. So I leave work to go pick her up and take her to the doctor.

My sister and I took her to the doc and she has to get her finger pricked again. I think she knew what was coming, because as soon as we walked into the lab at the doctor's office she started to cry and scream. It was so sad. Anyways, the doctor, did a flu test and it ended up being negative. Since she had so much fluid in her lungs though, if we waited any longer, it would have turned into pneumonia. So we are treating it with antibiotics and cough medicine.

WHEW~! That was my weekend! Hopefully she'll start to fell better soon! It's no good when your baby is sick!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Addison's 1 year pictures

I know these are kinda late, but here are a few of Addison's 1st year pictures!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year, A New Beginning

This blogging stuff is very new for me so I will try to do my best. I figured this may be the best way for me to communicate with new and old friends, family, and others. I will try to post pictures and blogs regularly!

I look back at 2008 as a really great year. I realized that I am truly blessed in every aspect of my life! I have a beautiful daughter that turned 1 on July 31. I got a big girl job working as the Adapted Physical Education teacher for Caldwell Parish. Also, my husband and I are still going strong! I love him so much.

This year, the year of 2009, I plan on making it the best year yet. Watching my daughter grow into a little girl has been so much fun! She is learning and doing new things everyday. Just the other day, she started doing the PAT PAT PAT thing they do on Little Einstein's. She heard a commercial in the background and it happened to be a classical song they play on Little Einstein's and she started to pat her legs and say, "PAT, PAT, PAT," in her cute little voice. I just wanted to cry, but all I could do was do it with her, over and over again. Moments like that will be the ones I cherish the most.